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December 30, 2013

Considering the costs…

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Just because something can be done, doesn’t necessarily mean it should be done.  I wonder about this with regard to adopting.

Sometimes I obsess over if it actually can be done at our age and with our limited finances.

  • Will a birth mother choose us to raise her little one?
  • Will we be able to raise the funds quickly if she does?
  • Can we do the sleepless nights again?
  • Do I have the strength to carry the baby and the baby equipment all the time?
  • What about chasing them around the playground?
  • Will we live long enough to see them raised?

Other times I obsess about if it should be done at our age and with our limited finances.

  • How will a child feel about having older parents?
  • Will they resent not having parents who can be really physically active with them into their teens?
  • What if one of us isn’t able to see them fully raised?
  • Won’t that just add to their abandonment fears?
  • Is it fair to them to have to care for elderly parents so early in their lives?
  • What about retirement and college?  How can we afford both our retirement and college for them?
  • Practically speaking are we truly able to meet their needs as well as our own?

There are those who argue that I think too much.  Maybe so.  Still it seems like considering the long term cost of something before you do it is a wise move and hopefully cuts down on regrets.

Time and money are limited commodities.   Still, is there a better investment than into the life of another?

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