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March 29, 2013

Good Friday

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I used to think it was awful that they called this “Good” Friday- remembering the horrible suffering of Jesus.   Nothing about it seemed good to me, it was graphic and bloody and painful - all the worst of humanity…all the worst of hell itself, evil, awful…everything opposite of good.   The pain Jesus suffered is unfathomable to me.  My mind cannot comprehend the betrayal, the physical agony, the loneliness…

His mother somehow managed to watch as her precious son was treated with such hatred and brutality. They thrust a spear into his side and it pierced her heart. Even in His agony His eyes fell on his mother.  Even in His need, He met her need…tucking her safely under the arm of His best friend John whose name means “God is Gracious”…such tenderness, such amazing LOVE.   His Father shut the lights out so others couldn’t gawk at His Beloved Son in whom He was well pleased.  Such utter darkness.

Dark Fridays give way to long, uncertain Saturdays.  Saturday is often overlooked, eclipsed by the days surrounding it.  Yet  I believe Saturday shook the disciples to the core and tested their faith even more than Friday did…even in such a state, Jesus was still with them on Friday.  His presence gave them hope.  Saturday they were alone with their grief.  Saturday was the Sabbath and even in their aloneness they were commanded to rest, to make the time holy, set apart to God.  Rest isn’t easy when your hope is gone.  Shock, grief, confusion, anger, fear… How did the disciples feel about God that day?  What did they pray?

“Sometimes we are waiting in the sorrow we have tasted…but joy will replace it”

Just as spring follows winter, Bright Sundays follow Dark Fridays and Uncertain Saturdays…life will bloom again in the hands of our Redeemer…

Our Saturday has lasted over 4 years yet we are sensing that spring is coming again for us.  A season of new beginnings, of growth and hopefully new life.

In the Kingdom, true Life and beauty follow death.  Without death, there cannot be life.  So as dark and full of death as some Fridays are, ultimately they bring life and beauty because of what happened on that GOOD Friday long ago.

Our friend and mentor Jason Gray along with another friend Doug McKelvey have written this beautiful song.  It is the very message of Easter…and it sings in our hearts truth and grace that “in the hands of our Redeemer, Nothing is Wasted”

To view the new video click here:

“From the ruins, from the ashes, beauty will rise.  From the wreckage, from the darkness, glory will shine”

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