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November 13, 2013

Motion Sickness

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It’s been a rather overwhelming season in our lives that has lasted for the past five + years and promises to continue awhile longer.  Change is hard.  I like to know what’s coming, to plan for it and be prepared as much as possible.  I suppose that’s just a control thing.  But God keeps putting me through stuff that I cannot control, or truly prepare for, I just have to try to learn to trust Him in the midst of the chaos when I feel the movements but cannot see where we’re going.

Ian’s cancer journey was that way.  Grief has been that way.  Going on our mission trip to Honduras was that way and the adoption journey is that way too. God wants me to trust Him, to be completely dependent on Him while He takes me where He wants me to go.  I want to relax and trust, but sometimes I’m not really sure I know how…

Tom is a guy who loves adventure, he likes to travel where he hasn’t been, do new things.  He embraces it as a challenge and relishes the rush.

I am more of a home body.  I enjoy routine and order.  I find comfort and security in the known.  That doesn’t mean I never long for a change of scenery, but I want to “vacation” and not live there.

It’s been a complicated journey to get here and I keep wondering what God is doing and where He’s taking me.  I know He wants me to trust Him and I’m trying, really I am, but some days I get “motion sick” and wish there was a break I could pull to make the roller coaster stop.

I’ve read about jet pilots and the training they have to go through as they’re learning to fly.  Throwing up is pretty common at first then the body eventually gets desensitized and can handle the sudden changes of direction, they learn to roll with it and function at high levels even in the midst of it.

Maybe that’s what God is doing, putting me through flight school.  I guess I’ve always wanted to fly…and wanted to have little birdies and teach them to fly.  Maybe the first step is conquering motion sickness…God help me.

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