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October 5, 2011

Thoughts from Hutchmoot…

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We love Jason Gray and he encouraged us to read the Rabbit Room.   It’s a blog where many Christian writers, artists and musicians share their work.  We have found such grace and truth in their writings so when the opportunity came to be among them, even for a short while, we jumped at the chance.  Tom and I had the joy of going on a retreat with many of the Rabbit Room contributors in Nashville this past weekend called “Hutchmoot”.

We signed up and have been looking forward to this since February and now…it’s over.  But even though the bags are put away and the clothes are washed, we’ll be unpacking treasures for many days to come.

I’ve never considered myself “a writer” yet during our journey in walking our son Ian Home I found great solace in writing.  Since his passing though much of what I’ve written has been far too raw to share.   I’ve wrestled with Psalm 73:14-15…

“I get nothing but trouble all day long; every morning brings me pain. If I had really spoken this way to others, I would have been a traitor to your people.”

At the conference many of the speakers were encouraging us to “tell our own story well and in that way we would reach many others with the goal of convincing them that we are all the same.”   I loved that!   They encouraged us to “Show up!” and stop holding ourselves back due to fear

Yet the caution remained that even though we should be more personal and write specifically about our journey, we should not “bleed on others” and should “do no harm.”

It is a mystery as to where the line between these two remains.

Jason Gray cautioned to watch our motives and to write for people with love.  He and Ron Block both indicated that in prayer  we would know where the line was because it wouldn’t sit right - the Spirit would guide.  Andrew Peterson mentioned that journaling should be thoroughly done - therapy also if needed and that only the end pieces should be brought to the public.

Jason Gray encouraged, “Listen to yourself…try to figure out what you are saying and what you want to say.  Drop what you don’t like, but don’t judge it…give yourself grace”.   They all encouraged us to take the time needed, listen to the Spirit and indicated we will sense what is “too much”.

Eric Peters shared encouraging words from Fredrick Buechner,  “Live the mystery not by fully knowing yourself - but by fully being yourself”

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