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July 21, 2011

“Papa’s Blessing”

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Dr. Greg Bourgond has been Tom’s mentor for the past 5 years.  Tonight Tom is giving a presentation in his college class about his worldview and  is sharing how Dr. Bourgond and Heart of a Warrior Ministries helped him better solidify his beliefs.  God has worked through Greg’s teaching and mentorship to help prepare Tom to lead Ian and I through the battle.   Greg spoke a blessing over Tom’s life which encouraged Tom to write and speak a blessing over Ian’s life.

If you’d like to watch Tom give his blessing to Ian, you can see it here.

Last fall we were so honored and delighted to have Dr. Bourgond join us at Tom’s 40th birthday party to sign a copies of his first book called “A Rattling of Sabers:  Preparing Your Heart for Life’s Battles”.

Now, this week as we’ve been celebrating Ian’s 10th birthday Dr. Bourgond has just released his second book entitled “Papa’s Blessings:  The Gifts that Keep Giving”

“Every human being longs for the affirmation, acceptance, and esteem of someone who matters to them. Sadly, most of us never hear the words we long to hear—words of appreciation, esteem, recognition, and value. In Papa’s Blessings, author Dr. Greg Bourgond focuses on the vital importance of bestowing blessings upon others. This practical and helpful guide provides a fresh take on applying an ancient practice to life in the modern world. Bourgond establishes the importance of blessing, identifies the eight essential components of a meaningful blessing, provides multiple examples of blessings, describes how to administer a blessing, explains the legacy of blessings, and includes a worksheet for developing and giving a blessing. He combines biblical references, illustrations, and personal and emotional stories to show it’s never too late or too early to give a blessing to those who long for one—beginning with your loved ones and continuing with those who come within your sphere of influence. The world can be a cold and unforgiving place, and Papa’s Blessings helps prepare our loved ones by giving them something that will sustain them on the difficult journey before them—a blessing.”

I received a message from Dr. Bourgond this afternoon and he mentioned that he has included our sweet Ian in this new book…what an incredible honor and blessing!

Thank you…”Papa!”

-  Strength and Honor

July 14, 2011

When life has you down - Look up!

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First weekday in a month that I haven’t had at least one dr. appointment - it’s nice.  The skies are overcast and my mood seems to be following along.  I can’t get over how the past three years have taken such a toll on me -spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.  From the time Ian was diagnosed in May 2008 until he passed away in February 09 we were taking everyday one at a time and trying not to worry about the next until it came - God was so present and held us up each step of the way and we were constantly receiving uplifting messages from friends and family.   The first year after he passed was rough, but we still felt loved and supported by the Lord and our loved ones.

The second year was  harder…friends became pretty scarce and my back began to be something I couldn’t ignore anymore…also I began seeing a counselor to try to work through my grief and life long baggage…rough lonely year.

This third year is proving itself to be a challenge as I more directly address physical issues caused by my herniated disc and work with doctors and physical therapists in the hopes of regaining more function and feeling in my feet/legs.  Some days are better than others.  I’ve regained more flexibility and strength, but continue to experience the numbness with only minimal relief.  Recently I’ve begun to have infections in my toes due to the numbness.  This week on top of the chiropractor and physical therapist  I began seeing a podiatrist.  I’m beginning to realize that I may always struggle with this numbness and that even though I had hoped to avoid it, surgery will most likely be required to give some relief, but may not restore full feeling.

I’m discouraged.  I wake in the morning and somehow hope the numbness will be gone, but it’s daily there and feels like a constant reminder of my inadequacy and brokenness.  It feels like it disqualifies me from getting back into life.  Not ok.

I’m currently investigating neuro surgeons and trying to decide who to go talk to next.  I talked with an ortho spine surgeon and wasn’t pleased with his approach which would have been quite invasive with a long recovery and most likely would require future surgeries.  It’s hard to know the best course of action and who is best to talk with.

What would have been Ian’s 10th birthday is coming up on Tuesday.  My heart aches in thinking of it.  I turn to event planning when I don’t know what else to do - somehow having a party should make things better right?   I send out invitations and cast the net wide hoping somehow that helping other children have a better quality of life will ease my loss or give it meaning or in a small way help Ian live on…parenting his memory is all I have left.

Ugh.  The enemy of my heart loves to parade the difficulites of this life before me in the mornings.  He loves to start my day with my head hanging.

I heard recently that when life has you down - Look up!

Ok so I picked up Indeed to read my daily devotional and it says “Be glad, o people of Zion, rejoice in the Lord your God” - Joel 2:23.

“When we refuse to rejoice we are refusing to acknowledge His deliverance, His provision, His favor, His power, His presence and everything else He tells us is ours by faith…We forget that the negatives are temporary and the positives are eternal when it comes to our moods, we have grossly misplaced priorities…Nowhere in Scripture is negativity rewarded.  Only those who look to God in hope and faith are honored.  Spend time today listing God’s benefits and let yourself be glad”.

Yes - a timely word to my heart today!

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