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January 21, 2011

Whose child are you? Who loves you?

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Before bed each night we would ask Ian a series of questions and then pray with him.  One question we asked was “Whose little boy are you?”…his answer “I’m God’s little boy”…then we would tease and tickle and say, “No, you’re our little boy” and we’d all laugh and then agree that he was right…he’s God’s little boy.

Another question we asked was “Who loves you?”…his answer “Jesus loves me”…then we would tease and laugh and say “Yes, but we love you too” and he would laugh and say…”Yes but your arms are only “this” long and Jesus’s arms are so much bigger…He’s here all the time even when you can’t be”…and we’d kiss him and pray with him and thank Jesus for always loving him and being with him even when we couldn’t be and we’d ask Jesus to watch over him for us and give him a good night’s sleep.

He was secure in who he was and secure in who loved him…he was not afraid because Jesus was with him.

A deep part of me needed him to know that and believe that from the bottom of his heart…perhaps because I’ve spent so many years wrestling with these questions…spent too much time afraid and insecure.  Yet the answers to these two questions are the bedrock that I have to return to on a regular basis as I walk through life.

Parent’s are only human.  They don’t love perfectly…they make mistakes…they cannot be there all the time.  Children need to have security and courage to face what life throws at them…because this world is cruel and has great aim.

I’m God’s girl and Jesus loves me!

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