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July 26, 2010

Ode to “Uncle Joe”

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January 1994 I  went over to help Tom move into an apartment and to meet his new roommate who was the youth pastor at their church.  Joe greeted me, then thrust a smelly bag in my face and said, “Here, take the garbage out.”  While I deposited the foul package in the receptacle I wondered what in the world Tom had gotten himself into.  I just didn’t “get” Joe or appreciate his “charm”.   It was not just a case of bad first impressions…I mean the guy loves the The Simpson’s for pete’s sake…still  he kind of grows on a person after awhile.

That spring I became nanny for a little boy, Patrick who had just lost his daddy to cancer…his mother introduced me as “Debra” and in his sweet two year old way he pronounced me “Debbo” -I fell in love for the second time that year.  To this day, in honor of Patrick, Joe still calls me “Debbo”.  Joe is an excellent cook…in fact he raised a really high bar for me in that regard by spoiling Tom with his wonderful fare…homemade salsa, hummus, etouffee and light flaky pastries & pies.   One evening Joe asked Patrick and I to join them for dinner and served us a rather gourmet meal of “Tibbar”  - an exquisite dining experience understood best by dyslexics.

At our wedding the following year Joe was our second best man or as Tom called him “the runner up”…he willingly lined up with the other single men and enthusiastically caught my garter…which he chose to wear on his head for the remainder of the reception…I always wondered if it cut off circulation.

Joe loves children and is a terrific playmate, “childlike, not childish”…Ian adored him and affectionately called him, “Uncle Joe.”   Ian also adored Joe’s dog, Rika and Joe taught Ian to fish, drive a boat and splash in the lake at his family’s cabin.

Every year at Christmas the biggest box under our tree is from “Uncle Joe”…it always contains a veritable plethora of wonderfully creative home canned items…  salsas, pesto,  sauces, pickled veggies, etc all from Joe’s own garden - grown and packaged with loving care and often outrageous names.

Joe has a gift for speaking a word of sincere affirmation that truly encourages the heart.  Honestly some of the best compliments I’ve ever received in my life have come from Joe.  He’s intelligent and intensely passionate in his pursuit of knowledge and sharing of ideas.   He has great  “muchness”.

Ok, so why am I telling you these things?  Because Joe’s driving me stark raving mad lately - which of course is a short trip but nonetheless…for all of the ways that he can tenderly touch my heart he can also make me want to strangle him - guess you could say we have a fairly classic brother/sister relationship.

He was encouraging me awhile back indicating that he had looked at my blog and noticed I hadn’t written anything in awhile.  I confessed to struggling a great deal lately and being afraid to write publicly - he affirmed me, challenging me to write again.  I was deeply touched.  I felt appreciated and encouraged by his words so I wrote -but was anxious about what I’d written and waited for the verdict.  Then he confessed an ulterior motive behind his encouragement… he wanted me to write and plug HIS blog …AARGH!

Still if you are interested in finding out more about this **  “narcissistic sweetheart”  and reading his many colorful anecdotes, I would encourage you to visit his blog:

July 13, 2010

When you find yourself in a hole - stop digging!

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I had an MRI yesterday and they found I have a ruptured disc in my lumbar spine…I will consult with a specialist on Friday.

People keep asking me what did you do?  Did you fall? Did you have an accident?  The answer is…I’m not really sure specifically what I did to cause this, but I do know I’ve been carrying a “heavy load” for much too long.

Carrying too heavy of a burden takes it’s toll in a number of ways.  I’ll confess that during my son’s illness and passing, I was successful at rolling the burden onto the LORD.   He carried us all through that time.  But somehow over the last year I’ve been trying to carry more myself and am failing miserably.  It’s been taking a toll on my mind and soul and now  is even attacking my body.  “It hurts when I do that” -  “Well, DON’T do that!”

It’s not rocket science…so why is it sometimes the most difficult to grasp and act on the simplest truth?   Deb, just stop trying to carry what you cannot carry!  Remember when God says “Don’t” He means “Don’t hurt yourself”…

“Cast your burden on the Lord -releasing the weight of it and He will sustain you…“  -Psalm 55:22  (Amplified Bible)

“Come to Me, all of you who are tired and are carrying heavy loads. I will give you rest.  Become My servants and learn from Me. I am gentle and free of pride. You will find rest for your souls.  Serving Me is easy, and My load is light..“  -Matthew 11:28-30 (NIRV)

My grandfather would say “It’ll feel better when it stops hurting”…

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