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May 20, 2010


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This morning I went to a lovely nursery with one of my dearest friends.  She has walked so faithfully with me through my personal “garden of Gethsemane”  and this morning she took me on an adventure to help me choose some new life for a little shade garden in my back yard.

Growing up there were lilacs & peonies in our yard-I loved them and always wanted to live in a home where there were lilacs & peonies this time of the year.  A little over a month ago a friend called to say she had two lilac bushes that she didn’t have room for she was wondering if I might like them.  I was blessed, though a little anxious as ‘ve never planted anything before.   Tom dug the holes and we followed her careful instructions and have enjoyed the most lovely lilacs this year…I’ve wept often at this beautiful provision.  How dear it is to have something new blooming after a long hard winter season.  This morning I bought 3 peony bushes to complete this dream - they have the promise of blooms on them already…how sweet to my heart.

For the shade garden out back  I found “ostrich” ferns (Tom loves ostriches), and “blue mouse ears” hostas (Ian loved mice) along with sweet smelling “lilies of the valley”.  Another sweet friend who has journeyed with me will be sharing some other hostas with us as well.  This “shade garden” will remind me of the valley that the Lord has brought us through and that there was gentle beauty even in those shady places.

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